Million Dolla Bullies is a family owned and operated XL American Bully breeding program. This is the home of Bossy’s Dinero! Here at Million Dolla Bullies we specialize in breeding XL American Bullies. All of our dogs are UKC or ABKC registered. Our productions have it all, from size, bone, quality, structure and beautiful pattern (such as tricolor and merle)and colors.
Our goal is to produce healthy, American Bully XLs with extraordinary temperament and jaw dropping color. Our Bullies have some of the best blood that you can get – multiple generations of a solid, established Bully bloodline. At Million Dolla Bullies we only breed and sell top quality XL American Bullies. While we do produce high quality puppies, we do offer pet/companion home pricing to those who are not concerned in breeding/showing rights.
Our purpose is for each customer to have a great experience and get what they want. We take pride in the pups we produce and are actively updating our site. We pride ourselves in having some of the best dogs there is. We are aim to produce American Bullies such as on the level of Dinero or better.

Temperament is very important here at Million Dolla Bullies. That’s why we met each of our puppies in person, and we selected our puppies that passed our expectations for temperament. We take this very seriously, as we want to be sure we are always breeding stable dogs. 

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    Hello my name is Greg Taylor do you have any up and coming breeding sand I will reach out verbally

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